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Mustard Seeds

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Bible Happened

I have always had a hard time getting into history and I tried to avoid those classes in college at all costs. The same sadly, goes for the Bible. I just can’t get my head to visualize some of the stories enough to really understand them. The same goes for all books really. My roommate loves reading biographies, commentaries, and books on theology. I am always reading sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology instead. I can see the dragons and Hobbits in my favorite books, but I can’t picture the Tower of Babel and the culture of the people in the Old Testament, usually. Today though I had breakthrough! Are you ready for this revelation of crazy significant proportions? I realized that...

...The Bible actually happened!

Hear me out. I was reading the commentary in my Bible about records of kings (secular texts) from the time of Noah that speak of a flood and match up the lifespan of the people in the Bible. Then I explored a diagram of what the Tower of Babel probably looked like based off of other buildings that have been uncovered. Then I read about how people started to spread over the world because of the new languages and how these migratory accounts match up with ideas about the world population outside of Biblical texts. It is sad, I admit, that I required proof from other sources to begin visualizing the Bible but I am so excited that I can see the people better now, and hear their conversations, and sense their struggles, and picture their lives. These people actually lived, and actually built things, and actually migrated to new homes, and actually were our ancestors.

I feel like I am not explaining myself well. Let me try a different tactic. For our ministry there is a woman in Temecula who receives applications, takes care of the finances, and does a lot of the nitty-gritty paperwork. I have received emails from her, mailed stuff to her house, heard of our directors visiting her, and I know her name. Never once, though, have I met her or even seen a picture of her. We all joked that she was a myth. Until... one of the students went to her house and took a picture of her. Then she because real. I couldn’t even picture what she looked like until I saw the picture and then it hit me. She exists. She actually has a life and a story and does our budgeting!

The same goes for the stories in Genesis I am working my way through. Now I want to get to know those people, I want to hear their stories. I want to know why Nimrod was a mighty hunter. I want to know how the Philistines got so big if they were only a few generations from Noah through his son Ham (were all people that big?). I want to know how high the Tower of Babel was before God came down and stopped their progress. I want to know what it felt like to be there when you could not longer talk to people around you. Was the language confusion gradual? Or was it all at once? What languages were there? I want to know what life was like in the city of Ur.

I have a renewed interest for the Old Testament. Every detail the Bible provides brings more questions now but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I am just so excited to be excited about these stories and to see so much more in them than I ever have before. Especially since, they actually happened! =)

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