Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, May 14, 2012

In God's Will

One final revelation from this month...
“When we are in God’s will, there is no such thing as a missed opportunity.”

When we are following the Lord to the places he wants us to go, into the conversations he has planned for us, and through the challenges he has prepared for us, there is nothing we can lament missing. For instance, if we are called to Mexico and something happens at home and we can’t be there to support someone or be an encouragement in person, we have to give that up to the Lord. Or if we can’t share God with someone because we are unable to contact them, we have to be secure in the fact that God still has a plan for them outside of our plans for them. The list goes on and on but God has plans above and beyond our time and travel constraints.

I am learning that though I can’t be home to mow the lawn when my dad has eye surgery and though I can’t be there to go to Kimberly’s track meets, God still cares for them more than I ever could. I am called to be here in Mexico and I have to give those people (that I really care about) to God in my absence. Even if I was there in person I would still have to give them to God but the distance makes it harder. Thank the Lord for his provision and love for us. When I am following Him, all the other pieces will fall into place.

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