Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Slowly Dying Computer

Yesterday my computer started showing signs of its eventual demise. I already have everything stored on an external hard-drive, since it couldn’t function with anything on it, but I thought we were doing good because of that! But alas, it will no longer hold a charge unless it is plugged into the wall. So I am sitting on my floor, next to the plug, typing out my emails, teaching notes, and this post. Still though, God has it running (though on the archaic simplified mode which doesn’t look nearly as spiffy) and able to do what I need it to do. I just pray it will continue being awesome till I can afford a new computer.

It has been a great 5 years though, despite my complaining about how slow it can be. Sadly, I am more grateful now that it seems to be really pooping out on me. The poor thing has just been toted to too many college classes, coffee shops, and foreign countries. It has sat on too many tables, laps, floors, and dashboards. Blasted too many movies, songs, podcasts, and youtube videos. It has lasted through too many weeks, months, and years. All in all, this Dell (sorry you Mac users) has proven to be a gem and I will be sorry to see it go. It is coated in stickers that I don’t want to part with and has so many little quirks that I am used to now. But I have faith that it will keep trucking for as long as I will need it to. Good job computer, I think you deserve retirement after so many years. Maybe it deserves a name too?

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  1. mine is dying too! maybe 5 yrs is the lifespan of a well-loved dell :)