Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's Next?

Now that I am home a lot of people are asking me what my plans are after the summer. And I actually am able to answer that! Thank the Lord for his plans that are so different from mine. I thought I would be moving to Haiti around this time but instead God has me returning to Ventana for another year in Mexico and I am so glad that is His plan.

I am returning with a different job description however. Instead of teaching English to kindergartners I will be doing a lot more administrative stuff as well as leading more outreaches and working more closely with the details of ministry. I also hope to be more effective at the whole mentoring and pouring into the students thing this year since I understand the ministry, Spanish, and the community now from the start of the year. I also hope to help out with the kindergartners at times, but my focus is not on that particular outreach and we have hired an awesome new teacher for that.

I want to thank all you once again for making this year possible and for encouraging me to go for another year in Mexico. Without your support and prayers I could not have done what I did and God showed me repeatedly through you all, how important the fellowship and support of others is when in ministry. You are all amazing and I hope to catch up with you more this summer and stay in better personal contact with people this next year. Thank you again!

I am a Strawberry.

Soy una fresa. Or at least I am turning into one. Every morning I work out with Kimberly then we make smoothies which are primarily strawberries. Then I usually go to work at the Strawberry stand or farm where I eat all the bruised ones nobody wants to buy, which sadly are becoming less and less. I only ate one all day yesterday! Then sometimes we have extra berries that didn't sell that day for dinner. I think it is safe to say that they are addicting. Yup. Strait up addicting.

And you know what the best part is? My sister and her husband own the farm and stands so I get to see Kenny a lot more and I get to sell something I really believe in, because these berries are literally the best money can buy. So if you are in Temecula, or San Diego, or Fallbrook, or anywhere near Rainbow, CA you should come get addicted to Temecula Valley Strawberries. You won't regret it. My mouth and stomach surely have not. =)

My Brother-in-law Kenny, his dad Ken, and my sister Amanda at the farm where you can pick your own berries.

Has now been found...

So now to how God provides... I came home two weeks ago for the summer and settled into life in Temecula. I thought about saving up for a new computer but decided that probably wouldn't happen till the end of the summer after I had worked a bunch at the strawberry farm. So it surprised me, and of course surprised none of my family, when my Grandparents called me into their motorhome (they were here for Kimberly's graduation) and handed me a card... and a check. To buy a new computer. To replace the one they also bought me five years ago. To support me even more than they already have. Needless to say I bawled and the mascara I was wearing (for only the second time that month) ran down my face and probably onto my grandpa's shirt.

Then to make it more crazy they also gave me check from my aunt who wanted to add to the fund. And then my parent's said they would pay the difference. And then the marine base was having a big sale. And Kimberly needed to buy her computer too. And so we went. And my grandparents were able to come too. And now I have a new laptop even better than the one I had before.

See My Old Post About My Dying Computer

I don't want this to sound like I am bragging because really, this is all about God. God allowing people to be blessings and God blessing me with his provision and timing. It is about God seeing that I would need a new computer once my old one died soon so he worked in unexpected ways to show me that he has everything under control. It is also about God making my new computer a huge reminder of himself every time I look at it. Earning a computer on my own would probably have allowed me to drizzle my pride all over it but instead this experience is humbling me in the presence of God's glory. Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, Pam, Mom, Dad, and God. You all are such huge blessings in my life and I am so grateful for you! Thank you for letting God use you! Most importantly, thank you God, the Glory is yours.

What was lost...

As some of you already know, my computer was stolen a few weeks ago in Mexico. We were at the beach for the day during our last weeks at Ventana and when we got back to the car it didn't take me long to put the broken safety glass together with the empty space my computer had been in to realize we were robbed. In all, four computers, an iPhone, headphones, a backpack, and an external hard drive were taken.

My computer had to be plugged into the wall to work so I was due for a new one soon anyway but the other three who lost their computers had recently bought or received their computers for Christmas. It was a hard thing to deal with but I was blown away by the eternal perspective that everyone had even right after we arrived at the car. Robby recognized it was all just stuff and didn't matter in the long run even though he lost the most. He even joked that it was less to pack. Jason and Monique (my fellow interns) also lost their computers but were ready to trust God with the situation the moment it happened.

But the story doesn't stop there. I know God has a plan to replace the things lost as we need them. He obviously had things to teach us through this. For me, it was losing my To Do list and letting go of control and the things I fill my time with that are not of Him. I also had to trust him with the couple other documents I lost (the rest was backed up on my external hard drive at home) and letting Him work to provide for me... more on that next.

It was a long day with four hours in the police station with a mean/angry public service agent but at the end of the day I was able to have fish tacos for dinner and I was reminded that everything we have on they earth is from God and for God. He is in control.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Praying for Miracles

A few weeks ago  our Wednesday night church service was all worship and during one song our pastor asked the congregation a non-rhetorical question, “What do you want miracles for?” At first I was confused by the question but then people started to answer. All around me I heard things like: “my mom,” “my son’s salvation,” “Porvenir,” “myself,” “my neighbor’s sickness,” “our pastor.” People wanted miracles for missionaries, family members, people in our church, nations, surrounding towns, the unsaved, friends, and the world. Then I started seeing what I wanted miracles for: my friend’s parents to know the Lord, Susan Rood’s cancer to be healed, Haiti, the atheist at Cal Poly (that one surprised me when it came into my mind), and specific people I love that don’t know the Lord or who are not living in His peace. All of these things broke me down.

As I cried with some people, others were joyous and clapping seeing how God could move. And I was reminded that He can move. God has his hands over everything in this world and as we pray for revival in the world, or even one specific heart, we can rest assured that He is sovereign and mighty and can bring about those changes. It was an awesome reminder of His greatness that He is involved in all of the things listed in that prayer time. I have peace knowing they are all in God’s capable and wise hands, no matter the outcome.