Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Praying for Miracles

A few weeks ago  our Wednesday night church service was all worship and during one song our pastor asked the congregation a non-rhetorical question, “What do you want miracles for?” At first I was confused by the question but then people started to answer. All around me I heard things like: “my mom,” “my son’s salvation,” “Porvenir,” “myself,” “my neighbor’s sickness,” “our pastor.” People wanted miracles for missionaries, family members, people in our church, nations, surrounding towns, the unsaved, friends, and the world. Then I started seeing what I wanted miracles for: my friend’s parents to know the Lord, Susan Rood’s cancer to be healed, Haiti, the atheist at Cal Poly (that one surprised me when it came into my mind), and specific people I love that don’t know the Lord or who are not living in His peace. All of these things broke me down.

As I cried with some people, others were joyous and clapping seeing how God could move. And I was reminded that He can move. God has his hands over everything in this world and as we pray for revival in the world, or even one specific heart, we can rest assured that He is sovereign and mighty and can bring about those changes. It was an awesome reminder of His greatness that He is involved in all of the things listed in that prayer time. I have peace knowing they are all in God’s capable and wise hands, no matter the outcome.

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