Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's Next?

Now that I am home a lot of people are asking me what my plans are after the summer. And I actually am able to answer that! Thank the Lord for his plans that are so different from mine. I thought I would be moving to Haiti around this time but instead God has me returning to Ventana for another year in Mexico and I am so glad that is His plan.

I am returning with a different job description however. Instead of teaching English to kindergartners I will be doing a lot more administrative stuff as well as leading more outreaches and working more closely with the details of ministry. I also hope to be more effective at the whole mentoring and pouring into the students thing this year since I understand the ministry, Spanish, and the community now from the start of the year. I also hope to help out with the kindergartners at times, but my focus is not on that particular outreach and we have hired an awesome new teacher for that.

I want to thank all you once again for making this year possible and for encouraging me to go for another year in Mexico. Without your support and prayers I could not have done what I did and God showed me repeatedly through you all, how important the fellowship and support of others is when in ministry. You are all amazing and I hope to catch up with you more this summer and stay in better personal contact with people this next year. Thank you again!

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