Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Been A While

It has definitely been all summer since I have blogged, but getting geared up to go back to Mexico has me in the blogging mood again. To catch you up, without bogging you down with too much information, I am once again reverting to my always faithful list...

Things that have stood out this summer:

1. Weekly life dates with Stacey Shadley. We have spent hours together every wednesday discussing life and God and our weeks over Starbucks iced tea and a whole lot of Panera Bread. =) She has been an inspiration to me to really live for the Lord this summer. Not to mention that she has motivated me to memorize scripture every week and dig into the word and Spurgeon. She is a woman of God worth emulating and I have been blessed my her love and care for me so much these past few months.
My favorite drink (besides Dr. Pepper) for hot summer days... no sweetener!
Attempting to make our own beeswax candles... we failed but laughed a lot!

2. My trip to SLO with Kimberly to show her the ropes up at college was such a sweet time of re-connecting with friends and getting to know some new ones. Kimberly loved the area and I was able to show her some of my favorite things to do while in school. I am so beyond excited for her to experience all of my loves for the the first time and for her to make her own experience and memories at Cal Poly.
My car completely died the day before the trip. So we took her car that only had air conditioning half the time. God provided air the whole way up but this is the trip home, with the windows down, going through LA. 
In Urban Outfitters... when in a hipster town, do as the hipsters do. =)
The Tea Cozy in Cambria... my favorite place on the central coast (other than the Grandparent's house).
Hiking Bishop's Peak... still connected and still American. haha

3. Making stuff everyday for my Craft Sale, which is tomorrow, to raise my support for Ventana. I have really enjoyed making things with my own hands that I can sell to bless the people that are supporting me. I have felt so content with being able to use my skills that God has given me to do this sort of a thing. The interest in my creations has also been so encouraging and I feel very inspired to make this an annual event. I will be posting more about the sale after it happens tomorrow.
 Driftwood crosses, china cake/jewelry stands, and driftwood wreaths... just a few of the things I have been making!

4. Spending time with family has been such a blessing this summer. I have grown so much closer to Kenny (my brother in law) and my sisters. Not to mention getting to be with my parents a lot more... communication is tough sometimes in Mexico and it is nice to have them around in person.

 Driving back from the airport after my parent's cruise.
 Dad helping me make things in the garage.
Kimberly and I spent the night at the newlywed's apartment and had an awesome time in Carlsbad.

5. This summer has been a great few months for connecting and re-connecting with people actually. Just a few examples are Stacey (see point 1), my family, Laura and James (good friends from college, now married), and:
Alison (my best friend from childhood) when we saw each other at a wedding and then hung out a lot after that, including the San Diego Zoo...
Bre (college roommate and one of my closest college friends) and Hailey (was an acquaintance, now pen-pal and good friend) when we went to Cambria together this summer...
Evan (my old boss at the Info Booth on campus, best boss ever!) when I got to do a ride along with him when we were in SLO...

5. Getting ready and being super excited for another year in Mexico! I am so blessed to be able to go back! More to come!...

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