Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On My Way

I am officially packing for Mexico and this process has me experiencing all sorts of emotions...

Excitement - I am so ready to jump into this year with new students and experiences. I feel God is already calling my heart to the people he is putting in my care this year and I am so ready to meet them and make my mistakes and have my successes.
Nervousness - I am nervous for the times that I will try to do this year on my own strength and for the consequences of my unfaithfulness. I am also nervous for group unity since we had trouble with that last year.
Homesickness - Every time I hear someone speaking spanish I want to be back in Porvenir so badly!
Sadness - We have new students (hopefully 6 of them) and a new intern this year. But that means the people I love from last year won't be there this year and that leaves a hole in my heart.
Frustration - Ever notice that you have way too much stuff? I feel that way all the time but have such a hard time of getting rid of some things. I am trying to be more streamlined this year but for some reason packing for three months makes a pretty tall pile.
Blessedness - Is that a feeling? Because I feel it! I have been able to buy all my necessities and some really fun things for great prices and all through my summer job and donations. And the people in my life have been so so encouraging. I am so overwhelmed by God's provision this summer.
Joy - What I get to do with my life, who I get to spend everyday with, and how serving Him makes me feel is so incredible. I have my bad days, my ungrateful days, my prideful days, and my apathetic days. But in the end God is such a worthy god to serve and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Independent - This one is another bad one. As I think about this being my second year, and the fact that I have enough money to pay for the year, I get really prideful about how put together I feel. I think I can do it on my own and that I have all these resources I have are because of me. Despite that being human, it is so dangerous and disrespectful of God to take his blessings and claim them as my own doing.

As you can see I have a lot going on in my head. Excitement tends to be the ruling emotion but I still need your prayers as I enter into this next season of life with God. Prayer for my pride to be squashed (it tends to rear its ugly head at the worst of times) and prayer for all of my emotions to be centered on God and his direction. I want to make God the center of everything and that is something I always struggle with. Thank you for being my prayer warriors!

 My new futsol (indoor soccer on concrete) shoes for the church team this year!!!
 All my bedding... I love my bed a certain way, that's for sure!
The essentials I had to buy. But guess what? My church helped buy most of it and I have been so blessed to be able to shop smart but not stressfully.

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