Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 10, 2012


These are not  all true “firsts”, since I have already been here for a year, but for this new year they are the first of many experiences like them:

First Group-Bear-Hug from the Vomsteegs upon arrival (kids and all).

First experience with the septic tank truck and it’s wonderful array of smells.

First “Porvenir complement” when Blanca asked me why I wasn’t fatter after a whole summer vacation. (I think that meant I looked good? I told her it was because my mom was white (gringa) and not Mexican (Mexicana) so she doesn’t cook as much food.)

First smile that I couldn’t wipe off my face when we drove into town and I saw all the places I knew.

First smile that I couldn’t remove from my heart when we were worshipping in Spanish at church on Wednesday.

First feeling of belonging here when I got back on the soccer court.

First soccer game on a Mexican team. I played center (another first) and got to play for half the game!!!

First realization that I have a heart for Mexico when I was speaking Spanish with friends and when running around our town.

First soccer practice on my new team. It was so incredibly fun!

First tears when we had Missions Sunday at church and one man prayed for missionaries in Haiti, one in his indigenous language, and one in Hebrew. More strongly than I can ever remember feeling before, I felt my heart breaking for the lost in the world and I never want to lose that again.

First bruise from boogie boarding and attempting to surf at the beach.

First sope (corn matza bowl filled with beans, meat, lettuce, cheese, and salsa) at church on Sunday. I love eating with church.

First quail and quail egg! The quail literally tasted like chicken and the egg was pretty disgusting but I was so proud of my adventurous spirit for once with food. Turning over a new leaf?
First good (real) conversation with a local friend since coming back. It was so good to catch up on a deeper level.

First class at the beach because we can. (we got to spend two days in the water this week and the temperature was absolutely perfect!)


  1. I love your list of "FIRSTS". One that struck me was when you were running around town talking in Spanish. I assume that means you were exercising....yes? Reminds me of myself at your age with my sweet friends...all of us trying to talk, but so out of breath we could barely breathe or speak a sentence without gasping. Difference is, you were taking in another language and I was speaking English. I simply cannot imagine having to think about another language all while running and barely breathing! Very cool! :o) Love your updates...x0x0x0x0

  2. You are so sweet! haha I tend to run at a pace that I can talk but my sentences are choppy and at the end when we sprint the last little way I am sucking wind like nobody's business. =) So our conversations are usually about where we are turning and how far we want to run and how bad our legs hurt. But now I am running with a friend of mine who is much better than I am and of course I am breathing way harder than him so he carries the conversation!