Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Ipod Pictures

I carry my iPod with me everywhere now since I can document so many things and write so many lists on it. =) I love my lists! So here are some more pictures I have taken so far.
 Sunset at the beach our first day on the way down.
 Awesome Tiki Tiki Room-esque resturaunt in El Sauzal.
 Sunrise in Porvenir.
 David and Tim... twins at the Taco Shop.
 Sushi and Tempura plantains in Ensenada with the staff.
 Painting our kitchen with a vibrant yellow. =)
 Creepy Parrot at the Second Hand stores... For Kimbo.

 We bought a purple (wine) colored couch! Go remodeling!
 Dr. Suess Tree. =)
 This will have a post all to itself later.
We need this couch. haha

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