Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 10, 2012

Product Placement

I love watching a movie and seeing logos for companies and products pop up. It makes me laugh to think of how much money those companies spent to have their car or drink in the movie and I like finding details like that in movies. Well, here is my very own, very blatant, product placement.
I blog about this stuff not just because the color is so in style right now (highlighter yellow) and not because it is so citrusy and nice but because I think everyone should have it to make their lives easier. I am telling you about this because here at Ventana we have some really set in gooey, nasty stains sometimes that we can’t get out. Seven years in already used trailers will lead to that. So when we whipped this Mr. Clean stuff out for the first time and I went to town on a horridly disgusting white board I had little hope of recovering it to a useable state. But this stuff was a miracle!!! Calling all moms to the cleaning isle! This cleaning solution is incredible. Try it. =)

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