Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Even after a year in the tiny town of Porvenir, Mexico I am still learning more about the culture of this place. The biggest example of this was a few weeks ago when the circus came to town. This circus not only had a shetland pony and a llama (so exotic), it also had Tarzan, Spiderman, and a few other gymnastics routines all done by the same guy...
Snookie (from Jersey Shore) made an appearance...
And the girl gymnast was named Stephanie. Apparently I am really buff.
There were also cameo appearances from Phineas and Ferb and Dora the Explorer...
And a slew of horrible dances from girls in not enough clothing and with a sever lack of skill. If I hadn’t been sitting next to one of my guy friends I might have laughed but instead I was just plain awkward. But all in all I am glad I went since this was a first for a lot of locals too. Circuses don’t tend to come to our little town but it stayed a week longer than planned because so many people wanted to see it. Despite (or maybe because of) the cheese factor it was a $20 pesos well spent (about $1.50).

Another recent cultural experience was my first quinseñera... for a guy. I was dropping someone off at the Cafe when my friend came outside asking me if I wanted to come to a quinseñera... right then. I came inside to find this:
Giovanni was turning 15 and all of his friends made him a dress and made themselves ties so they could all be his date to his party. =) All mexicans need a quinseñera right? Who said only girls could have huge fifteenth birthday celebrations? Natrually, we all wanted in on the action so we tried on the dress and ties as well and I think we made some pretty fine looking couples...

Oh and the guys, needing to re-establish their manhood, burned the dress at the end.

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