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Mustard Seeds

Monday, October 15, 2012


It is playoff season for soccer around here and that means a few things: we are playing two games this Sunday, we have been conditioning a lot in practice, and there are a lot of people in the stands for the games. A lot of drunk people. Who like to yell obnoxious things. That make it really hard to hear my coach. 

These lovely drunk men who decide to grace us with their presence every week also like to pass out nicknames to the players. So I naturally, being the bright white person on the court, acquired a new nickname... Pelusa. It took me a while to understand what this meant when asking my teammates because the definition is vague but, from what I understand, it means a hairy thing. haha It is a word used for fluffy little dogs, llamas, and curly haired white girls. And oh man has that name caught on around town! My friends now use it, my team uses it, and I even hear it from a few people who I am not sure I know. Down here nicknames are a big deal though so I have embraced it and decided I don’t mind being known for my hair. But you bet it will be in a ponytail this Sunday and not flopping all over like it was last week when I became a Pelusa.

Oh, and since I have to reference Lord of the Rings every once in a while, I wanted to share one of my newest favorite quotes from The Two Towers that talks about nicknames in a way that reminds me of Mexico and the importance of accepting a nickname (an apodo):
‘Hullo, Sméagol! Found any food? Have you had any rest?’
‘No food, no rest, nothing for Sméagol,’ said Gollum. ‘He’s a sneak.’
Sam clicked his tongue, but restrained himself.
‘Don’t take nicknames to yourself, Sméagol,’ said Frodo. ‘It’s unwise, whether they are true or false.’
‘Sméagol has to take what’s given him,’ answered Gollum. ‘He was given that name by kind Master Samwise, the hobbit that knows so much.’
Frodo looked at Sam. ‘Yes sir,’ he said. ‘I did use that word waking up out of my sleep sudden and all and finding him at hand. I said I was sorry, but I soon shan’t be.’

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