Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Soccer Medals

After many bruises, missed passes, and sprints down the court to retrieve the balls that were stolen from me, we finished the season in third place. And we were awarded medals that are actually really amazing.
 The hard part of the whole thing was how embarrassed I was to go to the ceremony. All of our friends were there cheering in the stands and watching us as we walked out on the court to receive our medals and I wanted to crawl in a hole. Why you ask? Well let me explain how we got to third place. It was not because of the skills of our team or the death of another team. No, it was because there are a grand total of three girls teams in town to match the ten or so that the boys have. So we got third by default. And I was mortified that we were awarded for that. That is, until I thought more about it and the ceremony was over. I realized that instead of being embarrassed I should be proud that so many of us got out there and played. I should be excited for the relationships we have formed with the local girls. And I should be grateful for the bonding experience of going to the ceremony as a “team.” Especially since I love my medal now that I have it hanging in my room.

I also would like to mention that from playing soccer with the locals I have taken away something else... a gnarly battle wound that will not go away. It looked like this and got worse as the blood moved to my foot and ankle and the bruise turned more colors.

But after a month and a half I still have a huge knot in my muscle that makes my foot hurt all the time. Any suggestions from you doctor folk would be much appreciated! This is one medal I would not like to keep!

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