Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Staff Reunited

God loves me. I know this because he brought my kindred spirits from last year back down to Mexico for the weekend. Monique and Jason were on staff with me last year and I know that they are friends I will have for the rest of life (here and in Heaven fo-eva!). 
We had our adventures in Ensenada searching for and buying new couches for Ventana and then trying to fit them in our van with Doug’s bike, two kids, and six Ventana staff. Mexi-styling it!

We also experienced the “slide of death” at a park in Ensenada where comes the playground equipment that is banned from the parks in the States because of safety issues. Yolo! (you only live once) I was so freaked out by the time I climbed up the giant ladder that I held on to the top for a good 15 seconds as my body slowly went down the slide without my arms. But make it down I did and can now say I survived the sketchy, rusty metal “slide of death.”
I was definitely sad to see Mo and Jason go at the end of the long weekend but God did a few things in my heart as they did. He showed me that I am never alone in my journey because of friends like them. He reminded me that I am loved and cared for just the way I am. And He gave me a renewed desire to be that for other people. I missed them the second they drove away but I am so so grateful for the time we did have!

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