Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, November 17, 2012


A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to travel to Southern California and be a tourist. It was quite a treat for someone who has lived in Porvenir for three months. But in all seriousness, we went to San Diego and I felt like I was visiting it for the first time and it was wonderful! We began our day by praying Taylor off on a new chapter of her journey at home in one of the original train stations of California:
We then continued onto lunch at county offices of San Diego. It was indeed as random as it sounds but let me tell you, it rocked! At the very top of this old building is a cafe for the county workers that is government subsidized and super reasonably priced. Take advantage of your taxes! Eat here if you are ever in the area and try the pesto sandwich... and the salad and the bread pudding and the smoothies... We were all pleasantly surprised with the food and the amazing view of the entire harbor.
After we stuffed our faces on American food we then went to Balboa Park to walk it all off in the botanical gardens. Everything about the park is beautiful...

...the plants...
...the buildings...
...the free art museum...
...the people...
...and the wildlife.
(can you see the turtle?)

Not to mention the people I got to spend the day with. We all bonded as women so much throughout the day as we wandered around and discovered little treasures in San Diego. And Doug was a great tour guide and stand-in dad for the day. It was so refreshing! It is hard for me to explain but I felt like I got a breath of fresh air that has filled my ever since lungs that day. Praise God for fun days that involve being a tourist in your own state! 
He thought he was taking a picture of us when he snapped this one. =)
We finished the day off with pumpkin and eggnog treats at Starbucks before we crossed the border back home. Have I mentioned Mexicans don’t believe in Pumpkin or Eggnog as flavors? It makes the times we get it so exciting. I cherished that eggnog chai when I finally got it. =)

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