Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back to T-mec

In order to get back to Temecula from Porvenir we have a myriad of checkpoints to pass through. Between the military checkpoint, border crossing, and border patrol check it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours to get through them all. This time around however God was gracious and His sense of humor was apparent. 

We reached the military check and after claiming to speak only the minimal amount of spanish, to avoid extensive questioning, the officers came around to my door to look into the van. It was all of two seconds before they spotted my ukulele on my lap and were requesting a song. I had just been playing “Over the Rainbow” when we pulled up so I started strumming it and through my embarrassment and laughter I managed to get a couple oohs and words in. When I looked up to four iphones filming me I lost it and couldn’t sing anything else. So I passed my uke to one of the officers and taught him a C chord (you only need one finger) and he strummed it with a huge smile on his face. They handed back the instrument and waved us on without a single question or search into our creeper van. God’s sense of humor at work.

Our border crossing took a lot longer because of the Mexican Revolution holiday but I managed to entertain myself for the two hours by hiking up a hill next to the crossing, walking to buy a coke and find a decent baƱo, helping a guy sell his cookies and gum to cars driving by (I have a new respect for those people, it requires humility I don’t have), and by picking up plant clippings with a gardener that was beautifying the border. (I would like to mention that this was just girls... the lame boys were sitting in the car like nincompoops.) By the time I got back in the car I was ready to sit for a few minutes and pray our way through the border. We passed through with no complications and no questions. God’s graciousness at work.

Processing the Future

I know that many of you readers are also prayer warriors, not to mention my closest friends. It is for this reason that I want to share a little of what God has been doing in my heart as it involves my future. 

God spoke a word to me when I was graduating college and leaving SLO that He would “never give me more than one step of my life at a time.” He has been faithful to that. It was only when I was returning from Haiti that summer that I knew I was accepted to Ventana and it was only on the final day of Ventana last year that He confirmed I would be returning this year to Mexico. So I don’t expect to know my next life step until the end of this year in Ventana or later. So I am making no plans, those are God’s to make and keep, but I do feel that I can see a pattern of how God is shaping me and preparing me for something. And I am honestly scared and nervous for where He could be leading me.

Last year God worked on my heart a lot to give up things I was holding onto. This year, now that I am less attached to things, I feel God preparing me to go. Go like Paul in the Great Commission. Go like Hudson Taylor to Inland China where no other missionaries had gone before. Go like Jim Elliot to a people who have never heard the name of God. And that is frightening to think about. Scary and exciting. I think.

I don’t have much else to say about it but I do know am praying over the idea that I could be going to an unreached people group next year or maybe in a couple of years. And I am continuing to pray, not for direction or plans, but for a heart for the lost and the skills I need to be sent to the nations. I am also praying for the lessons I need to learn to soak into my life. I want to be formed for what God has for me and I hope I am not too daft to miss what He is doing in my life right now. =)