Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Being picky aside, I have realized there are some things that I really really love. I don’t mean love in the way that I love tuna sandwiches, the color teal, or bats. I mean love in the way that I love the silence of a cold starry night, understanding a sermon in Spanish, and feeling connected with people who love God like I do. This kind of loves run deeper into my appreciation for people and God. This love makes me thankful to be alive and living the life that I do. A good grilled cheese does not do that for me in the same way. So here are my discoveries:
  1. Favorite Sounds: My dad’s laugh (no other laugh tops it, it makes everything brighter) and my mom’s sewing machine (the hum of the needle every night is comforting and a sign that all is well... when she couldn’t sew after heart surgery something in our house felt wrong).
  2. Favorite Words: “You have impacted me” (I wish everyone could say this positively, so I can know God has worked through me, but I also hear this negatively when I have not represented Christ in which case it helps me grow).
  3. Favorite Place: Where God has placed me. (Traveling made me want to see more of the world but made me realize how much I still love having a home, or two, to come back to.)
  4. Favorite Verse: John 16:33 (Good for every situation.)
  5. Favorite Quote: “Not all those who wander are lost.” -Tolkien (Whether it’s hobbits or the Israelites or us, we can rest secure in the fact that though we may feel we are wandering we are never lost in Christ’s plans.)

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  1. Number one made me feel even more homesick :[ But i love you Steph!!!