Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, January 20, 2013


In celebration of the “The Hobbit” coming out, the students and young staff watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy before going on break in November. It was very entertaining to see the hard core fans mixed with the people who knew nothing of Middle Earth. Especially when one student corrected her peer by saying, “It’s not Aragon... It’s Ar-a-gor-an...” She was also wrong. Another student, upon reaching the climax of the movie, yelled out “It’s the fire of Gorgon!” I corrected her, “Mordor.” And she yelled out once more, as enthusiastically as before, “It’s the fire of Mordor!” I love my students.

As for the long awaited release of “The Hobbit” part one (don’t get me started on my opinion of the unnecessary “second LOTR trilogy”...) I was very excited to find out that it was coming out when I was going to be in Switzerland. I knew my friend Rahel would be just as excited as I to see it, so to the Swiss movie theatre we went! She had to translate for me the German subtitles for Ork and Elvish but I thought it was fantastic anyway. I knew the answers to the riddles before they guessed them (I have read the books too many times), bawled when Gollum lost the ring, and growled at Saruman when he lied to sweet Gandalf. We both felt that it deserved a second viewing when we got back to Mexico but have yet to plan when we can go.

My dad took Kimberly and I to see it again on Christmas. He went all out and we saw it in Imax. It was even better the second time! Other than the fact that Peter Jackson created the white Ork, I think he did a fantastic job. I checked the facial expressions of my family often and though Harry Potter is Kimberly’s book/movie love I was pleased to see that she connected with me on mine. I also felt bonded with my dad over our love for Gollum and his laughter was fun to hear. All in all, it was a good afternoon. And “The Hobbit” continues to be a wonderful experience as I get to talk with others who have seen it... Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien!

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