Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, January 28, 2013


I find I blog about my personal growth/challenges a lot more than I blog about my ministry life. Granted, these lives are all under the same umbrella of my life in Christ but I feel a big aspect of what I do down here gets lost in my typing. One reason for this is the fact that I work with people who are on their own journeys and therefore am not able to share many stories since they are not mine to tell. Another reason is that most things happen in the blink of an eye and those that don’t are often hard to spot until the big picture spans nine months and becomes too complicated to explain. It is much easier to talk about my own story as it happens.

I do not, however, want to neglect the people God has placed me here with... So here they are:

Micah (staff kid), David from Temecula, Ashley (staff), Me, Taylor from Bakersfield, Jessica from Washington, Landon from SLO, Tim from SF, Carlee from Bakersfield, and Brock in the front (staff kid).
This is the lovely staff team I am so blessed, and challenged, by: Doug, Carrie, Me, and Ashley.

Part of the reason I am writing this post is to explain how what started out as a year of six students in this picture is now only four... Upon returning to Ventana in January one of our students, Tim, decided he did not want to return and opted to remain at home. I know God has plans for him there that are beyond my knowledge and I pray for his journey often. I miss having him here. Carlee on the other hand returned with us in January but because of a few decisions she made and desires she had, we asked her to continue her journey at home a couple of weeks ago. She is still working through her relationship with the Lord and I know that God also has her in his hands and is creating a beautiful work in her that he will be faithful to bring to completion. Your prayers for both of these students is greatly appreciated as well. I love both of them and am blessed to be a co-journer with them as they learn from the Lord.

Though it is not a glamourous thing to tell you we went from six to four students this year, it is ministry life. I have realized that we have to remain faithful to God’s plans and calling on our lives no matter how messy or hard it gets and maybe that’s why I like it. I know going into it that I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be available. Though I could work on that as well...

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