Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Wonderful Winter Break

For those who didn’t know what I did over break let me give a quick rundown of my November/December vacation...

Came home from Mexico for two days.
Drove to SLO for Thanksgiving with my grandparents.
Came home on that Saturday.
Flew to London that Sunday.
Spent 3 1/2 weeks in Europe.
Came home the week of Christmas.
Spent Christmas with my family.
Spent a week or so in Temecula.
Came back to Mexico.

Now let me explain a couple things about this list...
 On top of the windy Cuesta Grade.

 On Calvin's farm in Templeton.
 The sisters at Avila Valley Barn in SLO.
 My adorable and incredibly encouraging grandparents.
 Farmer Kenny driving us around.

Thanksgiving was an amazing time of seeing Kimberly be the SLOcal (San Luis Obispo Local) instead of me, connecting with my great friend Juli for an afternoon walk, seeing my grandparents, hiking up the Cuesta grade and subsequently almost getting blown off, and being rejuvenated after a hard couple weeks of work in Mexico. I dearly love my grandparents and family and was so blessed to have another thanksgiving with them.

Europe was a decision I had made as I realized I will probably never have the chance again. Also, so many things worked out to make it possible: leftover college savings, having friends to visit, having a huge 7 week break, and being supported by my family to just do it. I planned a lot of my trip using the slow, frustrating internet in Mexico but eventually just decided the little details could wait until my arrival. I ended up going to Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I saw my friend's lives there and traveled to some other places alone and got to experience so much of my bucket list. It was a fantastic blessing from God that I could go. I will be posting videos of each country in later posts.

Christmas was great this year as the christmas lights and snow of Europe really had me in the mood for the holidays. I was able to buy my family presents in Europe and had a great time handing them out and was so grateful to have that time to see friends and church family. After traveling solo for a month it was nice to not have any responsibilities and nothing productive to do for a couple weeks. Though it made it that much harder to come back to work. =)

Thank you to everyone who made Europe possible (including those I visited), who sought me out over break, and who gave me hugs and love. You were all so encouraging to me!

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