Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vamos a Mexicali!

Last week our director came to me to ask if he could take the guy students to the Baja Missions Conference. I could easily change the schedule to make it possible and gave him the ok with a smile and sassy remark about how he should take the guys, and me. He said he would if I was a boy. No luck there.

So I changed the schedule, informed the students, and continued wishing I could go. Reasons: Culiac├ín friends would be there, I love missions, I can finally understand the Spanish, and I had never been through the mountains to Mexicali. I told my roommate about it and she wanted to go too. Who doesn’t want to road-trip to Mexicali for a missions conference for Baja California? Answer: No body. 

That night, at game night with the students, I was snarky and kept telling them they should bring me since I wanted to go so badly. Bad form I know. I could have been likened to a pouting five year old but I was incredibly tired and not thinking of how crazy I looked. Jessica told me at one point that God obviously didn’t want me to go. You know it’s bad when your student calls you out and is right. Anyway, I still couldn’t go. Playing Jungle Speed didn’t turn me into a dude.

The next morning I was over it and preparing to write encouraging notes to our boys about “how God could really impact them through the conference and how I was glad they had the chance to go.” Then we had a meeting and Doug informed the guys that the Holy Spirit told him to open the trip up to everyone... but it was up to the guys to decide to cancel male bonding and bring the girls along. Their reasoning on both sides was well thought out but through their practice of exhortation and discernment (and looking at my smile) we were invited to come. My sense of how ridiculous my pouting had been almost outweighed my excitement. Almost. A few hours later we were on the road to Mexicali, after doubling back for my passport. Oops.

From there we stopped for photo ops every half hour and it resulted in many spontaneous/fun bonding moments. It was such a great time for all of us to be a family. (see pictures below)

The conference itself was such a blessing. The worship was incredible and I saw friends from Culiac├ín that I haven't seen in a year. The theme was "New Wineskins" and covered the idea of how missions in evolving from the mere preaching of the past to cultural relativism today. I got to be reminded of why I want to serve God in this field and how God has a specific call for me in missions. It was a great weekend and I felt refreshed upon returning to Porvenir. God is so good to provide things like this to keep us going and to encourage us...

 And we're off!
 I got hit twice by snow... in Mexico! Who would have thought...
 My girls.
 The drive was gorgeous! I have never seen so many rocks in one place.
 Windy roads in a huge 14 passenger van? Yes!
 A distant view of Borego Springs, CA.
"With wet pavement, drive with precaution." There was some ice...
 Being U2... no biggie.
 A stop at the salt flats on the way home was worth the sketchy U-turn to get there.
We tried eating the salt... it was saltier than salt if that is possible.
Cracked and ready for some rain.
On top of staying in a hotel with a heater (a novel concept for us) we got amazing Chinese food... which apparently Mexicali is famous for. El Dragon for the win!

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