Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My first stop on my Europe trip was Scotland with my college friends, Bailey and Caitlin Hitch. They are twins who have been blessed to be called to similar places so far in their lives. Bailey is now home in California but for a couple years they were able to be within an hour of each other by train, even though they were in a foreign country. I was blessed beyond belief by them and was so grateful for their hospitality and acceptance of me into their lives over there. Here is video of some of my experiences with them:


My second stop was Ireland where I traveled by myself. I figured I needed to stop over while I was in the area, even though I had no one to visit, since I don’t know when I will ever get back there again. I have mixed feelings about Ireland. Whereas I adore Scotland even more now, I disliked Dublin a lot. The city was overwhelming for me. But when I got out of the city I loved it there. I also loved traveling alone. I met a girl while traveling but because I didn’t know her it was almost harder to travel with her than by myself since I had to keep up a conversation the whole time. But it was nice to have a partner for our bus trip to the Cliffs of Moher. All in all I did like Ireland and hope you enjoy the few pictures I have to show of it:


By the time I flew to Germany I was ready to be with friends again. My friend Amy Voss picked me up at the airport in Hamburg and we explored the city for a couple days before returning to her town of Rostock. You would never know that this girl from Alaska (we met on project in Tahoe four years ago) is not a local. It was great to be able to see her again and see all the places she writes to me about. She was such a sweet host who really loved on me well and I was blessed to be a part of her life for a week. I even got to see her kindergarten and all of her precious kids. Everyone was so welcoming at the school and in her friend group. I was very encouraged by everyone. Since I made it home without freezing here are some pictures of life with Amy:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I almost cried when I made it to Switzerland and into Rahel Gerber’s arms. Why you might ask? Well I know this lovely woman from Mexico, she worked in the orphanage in town last year, and  after three weeks of traveling it was such a comfort to be with someone who knows my current life so well. Her family was also amazingly wonderful and I loved getting to met not only her parents but her sisters, brother in laws, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I even met some neighbors and friends and got to stay with he grandparents for a few days. I wouldn’t mind being adopted into that family! Too bad she doesn’t have any brothers... Anyway, I fell in love with Switzerland and everything about my time there was like a fairytale. Here is my sad attempt to show you how amazing it is: