Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

400 and Counting

I have never shared anything incredibly exciting on these commemorative posts but my favorite verse still to this day is on my 100th post, and a quote from my favorite author is on the 200th. I missed the next landmark but post 300 was about how much God has changed my heart about living in Mexico.

But after a verse, book quote, and Mexico, I was at a loss for what to talk about for my 400th post. So what about something else that makes my heart tick?... organizing and purging.

This is one of the things guaranteed to make my day feel productive; throwing out useless space-stealing stuff and making functional the things that can be used. I mention thins only because the other day I opened what we call our "magical closet" to find that I just couldn't stand looking at it anymore. I had a whole long list of other things to do but instead I grabbed a trash bag and took over the hallway with piles of egg decorating kits, half used bottles of bug spray, and a lone rubber ducky. This closet had been the dumping grounds for every girl to come through Ventana and you could tell. It is magical because it literally has everything in it you could need. The problem is, there was also a hundred things you never would.

Two trash bags and a couple hours later I was done... and ready to punch anyone who added something where it doesn't belong. Sure, you could put the batteries next to the wall hooks... but don't even think about adding a book to the stack of papers or a towel in with the gift wrapping supplies. I know, I know... it won't look like this for long, but a girl can dream! =)

Anyway, I just thought I would share the new and improved magical closet with you. I missed the opportunity for a "before" shot as I dove into the mess, but here is the "after" and anyone who saw it before last week can attest that it used to be frighteningly messier.
I love trash cans.

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