Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Porvenir Birthday

I will admit it, I love birthday presents. I don't expect them from people but I do feel very loved when receiving them. It was no different when Roberto asked if we would like to go horseback riding for my birthday. I jumped at the chance to see Porvenir in a different way so we ditched our soccer game and mounted up.
The view was incredible and I thank God that I am privileged enough to work and live in this area.
We tried all getting in one picture but, with my ipod in my hand, our horses were just too big to all fit in the frame. I got a corner of each of my riding buddies but that was all I was going to get.
Ashley did so well. This was her first time on a horse out on trails and she rode the whole way home on her own! Props girl!
My artsy picture of the day. Magorro was a great partner in crime and we even got to run a few times in the river bed. You did great buddy! Though after three hours on you, walking was a bit sketchy for a few days. =)

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