Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Biola Missions Conference

A few weeks ago the Ventana staff women had the privilege of leading the students on an adventure to Biola University for their annual Missions Conference. The whole campus comes to a standstill for this conference as the students are given the opportunity to dive into the missions tent, interactive prayer walks, and main sessions with visiting worship teams and keynote speakers. This year, thanks to my mom, I was able to pull off a living room environment for the surveys we took of students walking by the mission tent. Carrie said we happily stuck out in the sea of corporate booths with their professional banners. Our splatter painted cardboard letters were a lot cheaper anyway! It was a hit and it made the week so much easier to tell people we were the booth with a couch. Instant recognition!
The main sessions were so incredible and though we missed a couple, God knew where we needed to be. I was so impacted the last night that I wept through the whole session. Sorry Carrie for the snot I am sure I left on your jacket! I saw that God has a lot of work to do with me in regard to missions and I have to be more willing than I am to follow Him.
We got to bond as staff women a lot since we were in a hotel together off campus. We went shopping around and ate out together and were able to really grow closer as we discussed everything we were experiencing at the conference. It was so nice to get away with these ladies!
International drink bar with our Mexican Hot Chocolate... we branched out but this was the only thing we liked! Go figure.
I did one of the interactive prayer walks at Biola with Janet, a staff member at Rancho Sordo Mudo (the local deaf school in Guadalupe) who was there with her own booth. It just so happened that Haiti and Deaf Culture were in the same walk. I don't think it was coincidence though since we both were able to see the walk through each others eyes as we cried through the things that break our hearts. I was asked to pray in the Haiti walk, also not coincidence, and I lost it. Janet said they had no idea what was coming when they picked me to pray, but I didn't know either. God only knows why He wanted me in that moment to intercede for the country I love so much. Processing through the deaf culture half of the walk with Janet was such a blessing too. Her heart is so powerful for those who are without a language and being able to talk to her about it was eye-opening. This verse was posted outside the rooms we walked through and I felt like it was truly fulfilled when we prayed with each other about the deaf and Haiti. It was a beautiful moment to "carry each other's burdens."

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