Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Camp Ventana

Let these pictures speak for themselves on how many people came down for work projects this month:
Our 15 passenger van (minus all but one bench) on the way home from the States.
Trip one of three into Costco.

We had two weeks of Camp Ventana this year with a group from SLO the first week, and two groups from Hydsville and Idyllwild the second week. We had over 50 people come in total and on top of that we fed over 400 other people in different outreaches that we did. It was a ton of shopping and we got home two border crossing attempts later around midnight. I felt so good to crawl in my bed after stuffing every fridge and freezer we have to capacity.

After a crazy week of cleaning, planning, and organizing, Camp Ventana came. It was a crazy two weeks and I have to be the first to admit that I didn't lead very patiently at times. I was so stressed some days that I would forget the reason we were serving people in the first place. I learned a lot about what is and is not godly leadership as I made my blunders and snapped out commands. But God is good and I was blessed by feedback I got about how students were impacted and leaders were encouraged. Only possible because God moves despite me! =)

To help you make more sense of what we do for Camp Ventana this is something I sent to the pastors from the second week. I feel like it gives a good sense for what we do when the groups are here:

"I was blown away when I thought of all your groups accomplished this week. I am not about numbers, or even limiting your impact to the tangible projects that were accomplished, but I wrote out a list yesterday of all the things your groups did that they may not even be aware of:

Painted (and scraped) an entire kindergarten
Fed over 400 people
Beautified the local youth room
Played with and loved on three towns of kids
Made this town beautiful
Provided encouragement and blessings to a ton of families in the area (in every project you did)
Brought light into this community and spread God's love

Blessed widows and children alike (James 1:27)
        -painting house for widow's
        -Club days
        -painting kinder
        -cleaning elementary
        -weeding for Ramona and Consuelo

Your impact reaches so much further than this list too. So many locals were encouraged and so many of us were empowered by your love and time spent here. Thank you for bringing Jesus to this town in your own unique ways... we are truly blessed!"

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  1. Looks like you had more than enough service projects! ;) God is good!