Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Church Drama

Showing up to worship practice and seeing a lake in the middle of your church is not a common occurrence... I don't think. I should have ceased to be surprised by the dedication of my church after seeing some of the skits and missions events they have put on but alas, I was still shocked to see sand, rocks and plants lining our stage. I half expected to see fish swimming around in the water but it was lifeless. When we finished worship practice we were still without an explanation but were more than ready for the next morning church service to see what was going to unfold.

The next morning the lake was still there awaiting it's debut as the Jordan River. And the church was awaiting it's debut as the setting for 2nd Kings 2. Below is depicted our Pastor Marcos giving the message, Elijah being taken up into paradise, and his servant Elisha taking up the mantle of his teacher and crossing the Jordan on dry ground. Our church lake had a drainage pump that made a path appear in the water that the actors could cross on as well as a hose to fill it back up in preparation for the second crossing. All in all, it was very impressive and I don't think the story of Elijah has ever made more sense. Props to Saul for making the lake and to Giovanni and Jonathan for acting out the message. Thank you Marcos for being dedicated to making the Bible come alive for us!

I encourage you to read 2nd Kings 2. If you feel intimidated by the Old Testament or think it will be boring let me get you motivated by telling you that this one chapter alone includes:
a man being taken to heaven in a whirlwind,
a jacket parting a river,
a flaming chariot and horses of fire descending on earth,
a guy ripping his clothes off,
dirty water made clean forever,
and bears mauling 42 kids for calling someone a baldhead.

Read on and Enjoy!

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