Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Culiacán in Pictures

I took less than twenty pictures the whole two weeks of Project this year. I took so many last year that I was not motivated to document everything through a lens this time around. Instead I just experienced it.
Here is what I have!
 The BEST tamales I have ever had... and I got to eat leftovers for a couple days. =)
Yes, this is a tiger in a cage trailer... there was a baboon and chimp as well, in the bed of the truck in a cage.
 Were you aware I was this white? I try to forget...
 All of the materials needed for burning CD's and giving out tracts in every language.
 Student David with Marce from Oaxaca (wah-ha-cah) loading up our van.
 The girls with Jemima!
 The group from our church here in Porvenir... we were a big chunk of the people there this week!
 Diagnosing papers... doing the final counts for the last time this year!
 The sunrise at the airport on our way home.
 Our Porve airplane team.
 One of the camps...
How we do most of our laundry there, by hand!

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