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Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Culiacán: What I Learned

If the word Culiacán rings no bells, click on this post from last year: What's up with Culiacán? You can also check out the 15 other posts I wrote about it last year but that might be excessive seeing how I am about to write even more about this year's trip. haha But it is an option if you go to March 2012, the whole month is Culiacán posts since we were there for 5 weeks last year.

This year we went for two weeks to Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. And going a second year meant I was more comfortable with the people, plan, and project. But it also meant I was in for deeper lessons about myself, and further stretching in my role as a missionary. The thing that stuck with me most from this trip was the fact that without God, I am nothing. 

Those two weeks were also enough to show me that:
1. I am prideful (I'm always learning this).
2. God doesn't need me for His work, I am just blessed to be a chosen to be a part of it. 
3. God is powerful enough to even use ridiculous me. 
4. He is faithful in all things, powerful in all places, and mighty to save in all hearts. 
5. His plans are far reaching and far more complex/complete than we can imagine. 
6. God loves me (despite em being me) and that's incredible!
7. I am just along for the ride and God is the one operating it (and changing hearts along the way).

More stories to come!

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