Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Things

Things that have made me smile recently...

Swiss chocolate that look like the Alps from Rahel, my friend I visited in Switzerland and who is back in Porvenir now!
This cute dog from the farm that my friend Melinda works on... how cute is this face!
This little bee... so sad but so cute!
My dad's new lawnmower/tractor. This thing is huge!
These ladies (Taylor, Ashely, Jessica), I love them!
This picture of how ridiculous my hair looks strait and on the top of my head. =)
Finding my initial on the side of the Ensenada Sports Complex.
Farm fresh eggs from my parents in all colors.
Our faucet that was pouring out water (there is no valve on our sink) but that stopped when I asked God to fix it. It was incredible!
Berry tea I made in an old Starbucks cup... I felt so trendy. haha
Lorax trees in Porvenir.

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