Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heart Languages

When I went to Culiacán the first time, last year, I always hoped to see a change in countenance of the people that heard their indigenous language playing on my machine. I never saw a huge change in people’s faces though. There was gratitude and smiles but I was looking for something more drastic I guess. 

The second night of camps this year, at about the fourth room I visited, a timid woman opened the door. Who wouldn’t be timid when you have a curly-headed, white girl asking you questions for the first time ever? When the oddness of having three strangers at her door (clipboard, papers, and language player in tow) wore off we played her language for her. Only a few seconds into the recording her entire face lit up with a broad smile. Her face completely changed as she leaned forward to catch the words. I couldn’t help but smile with her and appreciate her language in a whole new way. Mixteco never sounded so beautiful as that moment when it’s words reached out and touched her heart. When I expressed to this woman that her language was wonderful I felt connected to her heart through her native tongue. It was an incredible experience and one I was fortunate enough to experience a couple more times that night. More proof that God speaks all languages!

On this same note, I feel like Spanish is slowly infiltrating my head and becoming a heart language for me. English is still much more comfortable but as I worship, pray, and communicate in Spanish I find that it fits me. I even find myself praying in Spanish, without realizing I'm not speaking English. Praise God for that heart change! I used to hate it when I had to learn it in school and now I can't imagine not speaking it.
At a camp... waiting for the sun to go down so we could start the movie.

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