Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hitting the Ice

When you grow up doing something it is refreshing to do it with someone for their first time. Fresh eyes bring a sense of appreciation and awe to normal things that we don't think twice about; things like, ice skating. This year we had the privilege to teach Ophelia, the sweetest indigenous woman ever, how to skate for the first time. (Last year we took her to her first movie.) Walking her into the building made me appreciate the cold air, floppy un-accustomed ankles, and slick ice in a whole new way. I realized how strange and exciting it is to be gliding on ice with blades attached to your shoes. And I realized how much trust must be placed in the arms of the person who is not only holding you up but also saving you from hitting the cold floor over and over again.

Ophelia, Melvis, Marce, Italia, the whole Loyo family, and many more rocked their first trip on the ice and by the end most of them could skate free of both the wall and human aid. Debora, Israel, and Adrian (also first timers) were going backward by the end of the day. I will never take roller blading or ice skating for granted again. (Though, what more am I taking for granted?)

Tacos afterward kept the party going and I was surprised when my quesadilla arrived with meat inside. I uncharacteristically rolled with it and bit into the meat to realize that I loved it! What really sealed the deal were the flour tortillas that held it all together. I wanted the secret but didn't have the confidence to ask until we were leaving. I finally walked up to the Dueña (owner) and asked her how she makes them since my tortillas are never that good. They were unfortunately bought from a different place and she didn't know what ingredients they used. She did however, in true Mexican style, give me an entire package of them to take home. I felt so blessed but returned to my group with a sheepish grin on my face...

We ended up polishing them off with peanut butter that night. It was good day off and one I will not soon forget!

The whole crew on the ice and some of the crew in the van on the ride home.

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