Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Spring time in Porvenir means a lot of things...

confusion as we have rain one day with sun the next,
balls of pollen on every plant that make me sneeze and my eyes itch,
purple and yellow flowers coating the hills around the valley,
puddle-lakes that stick around for weeks and tempt me with my rain boots,
swarms of bees randomly flying through our property, sending the kids running inside,
and the Porvenir Spring Parade...

This year we went to watch Micah walk with his track team and sport group from the elementary school. They were so proud and adorable with their beaming smiles and they walked with their medals and huge sign announcing their success. The whole town is proud of them! 

We also went to see all of the kids dressed up in their animal and fairy costumes. One of the best was a kid who was in a caterpillar costume with his chunky-cheeked face painted to match. From his toes to the antennaed hood on his head he was rolly-poly and green, it was perfect. But my favorite hands down was Brock dressed up in my childhood halloween costume from ikea; one of my mom's longer-lasting purchases. Brock stole the show as the only bear in the parade. I felt like a proud aunt seeing him dressed like I had been close to twenty years ago. My dad thinks he pulled off the scary bear really well, I think he was the cuddliest bear I have ever encountered. He even had a little tail to match that all the kids were touching out of curiosity. For me, Brock stole the show this time around. It was a cute parade with booths of food and snacks to buy in the park afterward as the kids performed traditional Mexican dances, and recited well-practiced poems and speeches. They all did a fantastic job and it made me feel very much in the spring time mood...

With Brock... if you look close enough you can spot the cute gaps in his little teeth.
Walking in the parade with animals and fairies of all kinds.
Reciting their spring poem about a Mariposa (butterfly).
Me trying on the mask for old time's sake...

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