Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mexican Critters

There has been an overabundance of critters running around here lately and I have had to rescue quite a few things from being eaten by our dogs. You wonder how any dog that can look like a cute little bat this easily would ever want to harm a fly, but don't let her fool you...
This is the little chick I rescued right outside our fence as our three dogs stood with their noses pressed against the chain-link wanting to munch it. As she chirped loudly and aimlessly I was praying hard and fast that she wouldn't run towards the fence. Rather, she saw me and bounced happily over to me as I scooped her up. I was almost late to church because of this little girl but our neighbor across the street was happy to take her in and I felt like the morning was very productive.
This raccoon head was in the park. Needless to day, I got there too late to save this critter...
Mali, the dog above, tried eating this beetle as I took a picture of his little tracks when on a run one morning. I distracted her long enough to snap a picture, take off running, and have her follow me safely away from the hard-working fellow. You can see how close her paw and my foot were from it though!
Micah and Brock saved this lunar moth from the nosey dogs as well, they were amazed at how big it was. I was pleased when they came running strait to me to show me how awesome it was... I think I am turning into the critter lady!
Jovie watched this hole for days... the result? She caught the first and only gopher I think she will ever get. She is too slow to catch any other ones. I think it was a fluke that she got even one, but who knows, maybe she is learning by doing?
This toad was another close victim of the dogs. They would have munched him in an instant but fortunately Taylor came running for us out of her fear of toads. I was the only one willing to snatch him up but I almost got Jessica to kiss him. I placed him gently on the other side of the wall in the catholic church grass and now hope that he won't come back to our property. I bonded with the warty, gooey old man... he did after all feel comfortable enough with me to pee on me, and he deserves a better life than being our dog's afternoon play thing.

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