Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Organic Mexico

Being in a farming community has many advantages. In SLO it meant a weekly farmer's market of all the best fresh local produce. In Porvenir it means an organic farm within ten minutes down a dirt road and the highway. Twice a week the farm opens to the public and everything that is fresh that day is plucked strait from the dirt and presented in an array of greens and yellows. We go about once a month, or whenever we have visitors, and I always spend way too much money. I can't help it when I see the farmers bringing the peas directly from the field and smell the fresh baked bread! It is all too good to resist. Another reason to come visit!?
Still not sure what this is...
From Cilantro to Beets (for a peso a beet, you could get twelve for a dollar!).
Jars of fresh made spaghetti starters, olive oils, and pomegranate juice.
Trying not to take everything home.
Nothing better than flip-flops, sun, and fresh snap peas!


  1. It's fresh fennel (bulb and fronds), yum! : )

    1. Thanks Melinda! I would never have guessed! =) Is it really yummy? It looks like a weed...

  2. Yeah! Fennel seed is often used in sausage, so you might recognize the licorice-y taste from that. But the fronds are nice for seasoning, kind of feathery and sweet. I use the bulb sliced thinly (like shavings) to add a nice fresh crunch to salads. The bulb is also excellent in a stir fry with beets or other root vegetables (cut and cook it like you would an onion). I bet it would add a nice depth to soup too. : )

  3. Nice! I am going to share all this info with the other girls... maybe we will buy some this weekend?!?! Thank you!