Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Roommate Date

Another Porvenir snap shot, courtesy of Ashley and I having a roommate date.

Without a car we had to get creative and find things to do locally so I decided to use my two years of knowledge and plan a day for us that was close and cheap. We hopped on the bus in town and drove to Francisco Zarco (known as Guadalupe by many) to check out the Russian Museum, something I have been wanting to do for a while. You might wonder why Porvenir, Mexico would have a Russian museum... crazy thing, Guadalupe Valley was actually colonized by Russians as an effort of the Russian government to fix the economic and overpopulation problems Russia was having. So there is a museum commemorating the culture and adversity of the first settlers to this area. They came with the clothes on their backs and little else and started working the land here, developing wineries and farms. They brought their families and their culture to the area and to this day you will see Mexicans that look like Americans that descend from these Russian settlers. The museum, though small, was fascinating to me. They had pictures of the Russian schools and the deeds and titles of the land in our area. They even had old wine in a jug, dishes made of wood, and the tools used to till the land. There was so much to read and experience in that little old building.
I was so pleased with all of the things I recognized from my trips to Russia; the style of painting and the clothing was so familiar. I even talked to the young girl working there about how I had been to Russia and she had a lot of questions for me about how the culture is now. It was fun to share experiences with her and to ask questions about the museum and everything we were looking at.
After we were done traveling back in time, we went to the store attached to the museum and did a little unplanned wine tasting. Why not, right? Well turns out that we both like wine when it is suuuuper sweet and in our excitement of liking wine for the first time, we bought a bottle of it and stuck it in my purse to continue to our next stop. We walked to a store attached to another winery, "Sol de Media Noche," where we sampled different cheeses, breads and wines. We bought a whole loaf of garlic bread and ate half of it for lunch. It was a good girl day. We also liked the wine we tried there, a white wine made from grapes that are designed to taste like mangos (below) but decided a bottle of that could wait. After bonding over food and culture we hopped back on the bus for home and congratulated ourselves on a cheap, local date well done. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a roommate!?

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