Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, May 30, 2013


As of today, I have not only been visited by my parents, sister, and brother in law, but also by my grandparents who so bravely charged through the border to come to Porvenir. Driving through Tijuana was a daunting experience for them but they eventually got to the dirt roads (too bumpy for their taste) and fresh air of the valley. They loved the views and the food seemed to hit the spot perfectly. Mexico has the habit of worming it's way into your heart that way...

It was so good to have them see what I have been talking about for two years now and to show them a few of the places I love. They were even able to come to church on the day that I led worship (which made me sick for days with anxiety... something I need to work on) and be greeted by everyone at church. Their feedback was incredibly encouraging and I felt God move so much as I had to rely completely on Him to work around my nerves.

My grandparents have been invaluable supporters of me in everything I have done and this visit, which was outside their comfort zones, was the icing on the cake. Or the salsa on the enchilada... Thank you guys for making the trip and experiencing just a little taste of why I love living here!

One quick story from my family coming to church... my dad received the headset at church for the translation of the sermon and said to Javier...

     Dad: Hola. {turns to our student Jessica} That means Thank You, right?
     Jessica: bahaha No, it's Gracias. You said "Hello."
     Dad: Dang, the only two spanish words I know and I mixed them up!
Only in Mexico; only my Dad. Good college try, I love it!

My dad brought them down for an overnight trip and while it was super fast, it was worth it. 
We didn't have time for pictures so this is at their house in Templeton, CA... with Pasha their dog.

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