Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mexican Fare

I love that despite the lack of flavor, you will still find pan dulce in every grocery or corner store you enter. It's the perpetual sign that you are indeed in Mexico. I also love that the lack of food regulations allows vendors to sell candy in open air push-carts on the beach. And allows unpackaged coconut candy, in a rainbow of colors, to be sold in buckets.

Counters can be covered in baked goods from the house behind the store or filled with unwrapped candies and snacks that have been there for weeks. It lends to a sense of organized chaos and reminds me that I am home. No where else can you find empanadas filled with anything from pineapple to squash to nutella. No where else will colors be found in every combination, popping off of bags and jars and the food itself. Mexico is an eclectic mix of people groups, cultures, and food choices... all united by a love of chilé, chamoy, and Coke.

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