Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missionaries in SLO

A few weeks ago Carrie and I had the opportunity to go to San Luis Obispo for SLO Crusade's Missions Night. I was nervous to return, as an outsider, to the group that I had been so involved in for four years. I was nervous that our booth would not be artsy enough for the immense amount of talent that is SLO Cru. I was also nervous I would be disappointed that it wasn't the same. Truth is, it wasn't the same at all. I didn't belong. But that wasn't a bad thing...
Our Booth!!!

It was almost like having closure on that chapter of my life. I was excited to see Kimberly (my little sister) take the charge as the new Mustang of the family and I was able to see how much God has changed me since then. It was so nice to see how I am not a college student anymore but have matured past that point in my life. I am more confident in the Lord and completely content with where I am in life. It was so cool to see new students taking the charge to run Cru and witness to Cal Poly's campus. And I was so blessed by the interest we had in our booth.
The weekend was also a fantastic time to catch up with Kimberly, her friends, my friends, my grandparents, and Carrie... all such wonderful relationships!!! Now for some pictures...
On a walk with Kimberly, our Grandpa, Kimbo's roommate Liz, and Carrie...
Sally Loo's for lunch... with the perfect table number for our family!
I could use an Acai bowl right now... =)
A crafty squirrel has been storing nuts in the barn, in a box, in this jar... sneaky!
Grandpa with his tractor. =) Happiness.
Carrie and I all cowboyed out for our booth! 
(Please note the Angry Bird face on my grandparent's dog...)
Our cute little Mexican Cokes to give out to the people who visited our booth!
All set up and ready for visitors! By the way, my dad made that table in a couple hours for us. He rocks.
From the other side...
It's all in the details... that's what makes it fun. =)

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