Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Loves

Some things that made me smile this month!

New and improved Calvin and Hobbes! Gandalf and Frodo, the best of friends.
 Temecula Hills' college group came to visit and work on our campus. It was wonderful to have them!
Our skitzo dog unable to cross the tile... she is afraid of everything. 
This conversation left us laughing so hard we couldn't breath. I don't remember why but I love you dad! 
The third picture of Amanda (my older sister) in my grandparents house... where none of Kimberly nor me can be found.
Amanda - 3
Other Grandchildren - 0
 Brock's new hairstyle to match his new teeth.
 I love his little red wellies.
 Our new grass! We were so Gringo to put it in but so Mexican to sit on the porch and watch it being mowed for the first time.
Neon Green moth... oh the critters of Porve.


  1. You are so precious Stephanie!! We LOVE your posts and don't comment near enough. Suffice it to say, you are loved and prayed for, dear one. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul all this time away from the USA. We're going to miss reading all that God has taught you and taught others through you all these months. On the other-hand, we are SO excited to see where HE places you next. No matter's gonna be great! You are an amazing woman with SO much to give to this God created planet! PLEASE keep us posted on your whereabouts in the upcoming months. We don't want to miss all that you are doing for the kingdom. Love your smiling face!! XOXOXOXOX......Jane and Jeff Gordon

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. You are so amazing and I have read this message over and over because it is so uplifting. =) Thank you for reading and being such a great part of my journey! Love you!