Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Impacted by the Word: Part 2

After being floored by Samuel's trust in God, in circumstances where God was giving information only as needed, I became hungry for more examples of faith challenges. David was the logical next step and God quickly showed me how David demonstrated trust in God even more!

It would be fourteen years, after being anointed by Samuel as King, before he would actually step into that office. Fourteen years of sheepherding, being persecuted by his brothers, working for a deadly bi-polar monarch, running for his life, and living in exile fighting bands of warriors. (And these are just the well-known events.) I would have doubted the Lord's calling many times in those years if not permanently rejected my anointing as King. In my case, missions would be a thought of the past if it took fourteen years for the Lord to place me in the field. Instead, David continued to seek the Lord the entire time and in doing so killed Goliath, defeated armies, attracted the beaten and bruised to himself (1 Samuel 22), had the world's best bromance, saved cities, showed mercy to his #1 enemy (twice), and became King of God's chosen people.

Fourteen years of verses of David inquiring faithfully after the Lord for His plans and God's guidance. David was faithful, just as he understood God was continually faithful. David never asked God when he would be crowned, nor if he would ever be. He lived presently, asking after the Lord for every step.
"David inquired of the Lord..."
{1 Samuel 23:2+4; 30:8}
[2 Samuel 2:1; 5:19+23]
(1 Chronicles 14:10)

How much I wish this was me! I want to inquire of the Lord in all things. Big and small. For even more than fourteen years. God is worthy of that level of trust too.

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