Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What I Do and Where I'm Going...

My friend Rachel is a missionary in Africa. She teaches kindergarten. Her ministry are her kids and their families.
My friends Doug and Carrie are missionaries in Mexico. They work with abused women and the local church.
My friend Tommy works on a ship taking the gospel to people all over the world.
I live in Florida and work mainly in an office on my computer or behind a camera. 

So what do I do? Why would I call myself a missionary?
It is a good question for my supporters to ask of me, and for me to ask myself...

What Media Ministry Is:
Media Ministry is the use of things like film, social media, pictures, and graphic design (only naming a few) to share the gospel with people, to encourage the Church, and to show people the love of Christ at work. At I-TEC it is the ministry that gives a face to the organization and enables people to learn more about our tools and ministry opportunities. It also encourages people to think more missionally and embrace our vision to "teach and train indigenous Christ-followers" to do things for themselves, rather than doing things for them.

What I Do
1.) As "Social Media Director" I post daily on our Facebook and Instagram. I also respond to messages and questions that come from those sites. My goal here is to encourage people who ask for prayer, uplift people with what God has done and is doing, and enable people to get involved with us.
2.) As half of the Media department I help document everything I-TEC does: from flying car test flights to videos of Steve Saint, from maternity pictures for my co-workers to medical training trips. This is a big part of ministry and is the part most people see when they look at I-TEC. I love being part of missions by interviewing missionaries and filming videos to encourage the Church. I am learning so much in this department!
In the office at our editing suite.
Filming Steve talk at a Missions Conference in Kentucky.

3.) As a Communications Major I write content for the website, edit content for video scripts, and write the newsletter. I love that my brain gets to be used in this way and I know my parents will love that I admitting my college degree was helpful. =) This ministry involves helping Steve Saint write and gets me pumped on the things going on here.
Translation work from Spanish to English.
This computer is well loved and often used... may it have many years ahead of it!
Interviewing Brian Fikkert (of the Chalmer's Center and When Helping Hurts)
My role consisted of writing the questions and and conducting the interviews.

4.) As Stephanie I help with the designing of our booths for conferences, sets for our videos, and other visual things we need to build and film.
Sgns I painted for our tools...
Brian (my boss) and my new booth design for conferences...

What's In Store:
1.) Right now we are filming a new 9 part video series for the "Life Focus" department of I-TEC. After working on this set we are now in the scripting and filming processes. This series will help North Americans in applying God's teaching to different aspects of their lives.

2.) Vamos a Ecuador! On the 20th of February our media team is embarking to Ecuador for 5 weeks to teach media to Christ-followers in the area of Shell. We are ecstatic to teach others how to  film and storytelling to share the love of Christ with others. I am teaching a social media class and translating the rest of the classes into Spanish. I am nervous to translate but so excited to learn and enable others to share the gospel visually. More on this trip as we get closer and as we are there! We are looking into even more trips to train in media as pastors have asked us to come train their churches as well. Africa anyone?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Break

I have many people to thank for the incredible three weeks I spent at home for Christmas. It was refreshing, rejuvenating, reviving and all those other lovely R words. But I will shorten the story once again and regale you with a tale of pictures.

From the first green tea and security check I was more than ready to go home. The best parts of my trip, however, were the people...
First, the parental units. With cookies from my Aunt we were very happy indeed.
 Second, I was blessed to celebrate the wedding of Cassie with some of my favorite ladies.
 And Christmas Eve found Chelsea and me enjoying these little ones and the tunnels by my house.
Christmas Eve Service finished out the day. I am so blessed by the ladies in my family. 
 Then after a family Christmas morning, we were off to see The Hobbit. Not a good choice. But I love these two!
I even was able to reunite with my Mexico roommate, Monique, for the first time in over a year...  that made my heart very happy. 
I got an early jump on summer with my Brother-in-Law and his amazing berries when I was home too.
Another movie night with my Grandma, I am so glad I was able to catch up with her. It made Christmas complete.
 My dad and I even got cross-cultural and were able to teach Sasha, from Ukraine, how to ride dirt bikes. Turns out he was pretty good at it already.
 I even got my great friend Chelsea, missionary in Ukraine, to get on a bike. I am so proud. =)
Painting pottery with this beauty, Sabrina Meyers, brought me clarity and wisdom. It was a blessing!
 Chelsea, my kindred spirit and Ukraine missionary, is my better half. =) God has put her in a very special place in my life. Our journeys parallel each other's and it is always incredible to be in the same country together.
 The last hoorah I had before returning here was a day trip to Mexico with my dad. Here he is enjoying Sopes (one of our favorites).
I even was able to attend my Mexico church and that was wonderful in many ways. I was blessed to be with so many people I love, worshipping in the language I love. It was hard to leave. 
 One last Temecula outing with my missionary friends, and I was ready to depart.
After all that, it was back to Florida! I was actually ready for it and that is the best part of the trip. God prepared my heart to be ready for the re-transition and I feel even more peace about being here.

Florida Fall

A lot has happened since my last update, but thanks to modern technology (and Instagram) I have the habit of documenting everything in photos. So to save you time, and a headache, my Fall update will be easy on the eyes. Thank you to all of you for making it possible for me to experience the blessings, and challenges, of missional life in the States!

One: Good and Bad
The bad... this is a Wolf Spider that carries it's babies on it's back. When you kill it, poof! Babies everywhere. I murdered the babies with Raid.
On the other hand, the sunsets are worth every minute.

Two: Florida in the Fall
This Fall, downtown Ocala was lit up for the Holidays... 
...yet, it was still hot and un-wintry so we drank this. 

Three: Community
 Here are some families from the Spanish church I have been attending (our pastor is on the end).
 This is Sherylyn, and she made us a picnic!
It was refreshing to be in the sparkly park with a good friend.

Four: New Experiences
 Here is my newest friend. I am learning how to fly and I love it!
 I am now an official Florida resident! This was extremely hard for me and I cried the whole way home from the DMV, but I now feel at peace knowing God has it in His plans and "In God I Trust."
 Last but not least, my roommate Trina and I got to swim with manatees!!!!
It was freezing but so worth it. They were so precious and one even gave me a hug. =)

Five: Tis' the Season
Thanksgiving meant I was ready for pumpkin everything! And good family time at my friend's house. 
In place of a tree I decorated my driftwood wreath instead. My ornaments had to go somewhere!
I also made sure I placed my Haitian Nativity in a place I could enjoy it.
I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed this. God is incredibly amazing and the sunsets this time of year reflect His Glory.