Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All the Single Ladies! (and guys)

If you have ever thought, "this would be so much easier if I had a husband/wife to do this with me," then this post is for you.

I have this thought when I am dropped off at a different house in Ecuador than the rest of my team, because they are all together as a family. I think that when I move across the country to start a new chapter of life by myself. I think that when I have the choice of either being in a picture by myself, or with someone else's family.

And it can get overwhelming, this pity party.

But then I've realized that while being with someone I love, everywhere I go, would be a blast, I would miss out on meeting sweet Libia and being blessed by her hospitality. I would miss these prayers of overwhelmedness being answered with amazing roommates and a beautiful home. I would miss finding the perfect church for me all the way across the country. I would miss the little wonderful things about finding my way with only God by my side. Basically, I would miss a lot.

And while I sit here in my new home for five weeks, feeling so blessed that God would place me in a house where I feel at home, I am sure I couldn't possibly trade these moments for others. For now, in my singleness, I am experiencing sweet Jesus time everyday as he so willingly provides for my heart needs. 

When I am really honest with myself, I don't desire a husband nearly as much as I desire to be content in Christ. Those moments of feeling bad for myself, and thinking that I am "oh so alone," are so fleeting if I turn my eyes to Christ, the friend I have with me constantly. And if I get married, or when I live with a bunch of people in my same situation, the same is true. I am still called to be content and joyous wherever I am at. God gives us moments of clarity, that He is our all in all, no matter what station we hold in life.

Martha , a sweet indigenous woman with blue lined tattoos on her beautiful caramel nose, said it well yesterday, "I live alone, but I am never alone. God is with me always." Nail on that head! Single or not.

Single and loving it in BaƱos, Ecuador.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

See You Later Alligators!

It's officially official. As of this Thursday (the 20th) I am saying goodbye to the alligators of Florida to go hang out with the anacondas of Ecuador. (Not that I have or plan to see either of those in the wild.)

For the next five weeks I-TEC's Media team, meaning my boss Brian and I, will be teaching film and digital storytelling to a group of 30 local Christ-followers in Shell, Ecuador. Our good friend Dianne Becker will be joining us for the training as well and I am excited to galavant around Ecuador with her. =)

A quick rundown, since you are sure to be inundated with my stories later, is this:

What: A four week training course to train local believers in how to tell God-stories to the world through film.
When: February 20th - March 29th
Where: Shell, Ecuador at the I-TEC Ecuador base (this is the town that the five missionary martyrs were based out of... hence the reason we have a training center there)
Why: Our desire is to enable the local church to share God-stories, with both the church and non-believers, in creative and appealing ways. As the world becomes more technological, the church has the amazing opportunity to reach more people by utilizing that technology. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a short film can be worth a million! 
My Job: Translating, teaching a social media course, translating, helping the students while they work on projects, translating, and translating. Needless to say I can use a ton of prayer!!! (Please keep reading.)

Please Pray!
For my brain to be able to hear, speak, and organize words effectively in order to translate the classes from English to Spanish (a new challenge for me) and then translate the other way for the students to communicate back with the teachers. I have a lot of work ahead of me that I feel inadequate to accomplish. I sense a lot of humility and God's strength being needed pronto! Also pray for the students that are coming to the classes. They will have stories of their own and I pray we can walk alongside them effectively. Our whole team can use prayer for unity and strength as well. Thank you, your prayers mean more than you know!