Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All the Single Ladies! (and guys)

If you have ever thought, "this would be so much easier if I had a husband/wife to do this with me," then this post is for you.

I have this thought when I am dropped off at a different house in Ecuador than the rest of my team, because they are all together as a family. I think that when I move across the country to start a new chapter of life by myself. I think that when I have the choice of either being in a picture by myself, or with someone else's family.

And it can get overwhelming, this pity party.

But then I've realized that while being with someone I love, everywhere I go, would be a blast, I would miss out on meeting sweet Libia and being blessed by her hospitality. I would miss these prayers of overwhelmedness being answered with amazing roommates and a beautiful home. I would miss finding the perfect church for me all the way across the country. I would miss the little wonderful things about finding my way with only God by my side. Basically, I would miss a lot.

And while I sit here in my new home for five weeks, feeling so blessed that God would place me in a house where I feel at home, I am sure I couldn't possibly trade these moments for others. For now, in my singleness, I am experiencing sweet Jesus time everyday as he so willingly provides for my heart needs. 

When I am really honest with myself, I don't desire a husband nearly as much as I desire to be content in Christ. Those moments of feeling bad for myself, and thinking that I am "oh so alone," are so fleeting if I turn my eyes to Christ, the friend I have with me constantly. And if I get married, or when I live with a bunch of people in my same situation, the same is true. I am still called to be content and joyous wherever I am at. God gives us moments of clarity, that He is our all in all, no matter what station we hold in life.

Martha , a sweet indigenous woman with blue lined tattoos on her beautiful caramel nose, said it well yesterday, "I live alone, but I am never alone. God is with me always." Nail on that head! Single or not.

Single and loving it in BaƱos, Ecuador.

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