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Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Have Passport... Will Travel

I will only be home in Florida for 9 days in the next month and a half. So, I thought a quick blog of my schedule would be effective to keep everyone in the loop. Stay tuned for updates and pictures as I arrive back from each trip to the United States! Please be praying for these trips and everyone involved if you think of it. I could use the stamina and the motivation to be Jesus' feet wherever I go.

July 10 - 19
First off, I am traveling to Ecuador next Thursday for a 10 day trip to the Amazon Jungle. This is going to be a side of Ecuador I have not seen yet and I am a nervous sort of excited! My dad and sister Kimberly will be joining the group and I am beyond stoked for a jungle mini family reunion. If you want to learn more about this kind of trip you can click here: Wao Tour. We will be hiking, hunting, fishing, weaving, gardening, eating, sleeping, sweating, and so much more with the Waodani Tribe from the story, "End of the Spear." I am excited to meet the Wao whom I have read so much about and who came up with the idea for I-TEC. Not as excited about the jungle critters.

Some shots from Ecuador in the Spring... our "fake" jungle boat ride and a verse reminding us to seek Jesus to have living water.

Five days later...

July 29 - August 2
I WAS going to have a little break for a few weeks between the jungles and heading home. Then, my church asked if I was available to go to the Dominican Republic. I jokingly told them I was if they paid for the trip. They laughed too. Then one day they said "you're coming!" Someone had backed out and they needed to fill the spot. Fill it they did! So I am off to lead worship in Spanish/English, help the local church with their VBS, translate, and other things in which I am fuzzy on the details. I don't actually know much more than the packing list and a few travel details. Oh well! I'll leave that in the Lord's hands since He got me on this trip, He can make the plans!

This is Veronica and I at VBS. She squeezes me a lot but is a huge blessing to me. I am so excited to go to the DR with her.

Four days later...

August 7 - 17
This trip has been in the works for a while and the anticipation is building! A good friend of mine (from Switzerland) is getting married to another good friend (from Mexico) and I get to sing her down the aisle! Four of my closest American buds, from my two years in Mexico, are also joining in on the trip and we plan to take the Vomsteegs (our Mexico directors) by storm. We always have an absolute blast together and this trip will be no different. 

After 5 days in Mexico I will be heading North to Temecula to see family and friends. The icing on the cake of this trip is my sister Amanda's baby shower at the end. AHHHHH!!! I am an Aunt! This is cause for a million happy dances. Once I leave California, I return to Florida for a few months and then, who knows? I can't plan that far ahead!

Some of the August Mexico crew! Miss all these people so much!!!

And Baby Cuatro (Kenneth Fietz IV)... the cutest of them all!!!

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