Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, August 4, 2014

Still Learning... The D.R.

I am still learning...
How to listen.
How to ask the right questions.
How to support.
How to love well.
How to complain less.
How to be missional.
How to make changes.
How to be humble.

I love College Road Baptist Church. They are my family here in Florida and I get overwhelmed thinking of how much I love these people and how supported and cared for I am by them. When I do anything with this family, I see Jesus. It's incredible.

So to be with them in the Dominican Republic this past week (the DR) was such a fun experience. We laughed (loudly), ate (a TON), snacked (even more), talked (about everything), and did life together (also loudly). I will never forget the nights on the hotel balcony sharing together, the times of seeing God's church body at work, the sweet worship times in Spanish, and the many hours of traveling and exploring with this amazing group.

On top of crazy family bonding, this trip also allowed me to listen more. To the local pastor, missionaries, my pastor, my church, the local Dominicans, VBS kids, etc. They all have voices. They all have ideas and passions. I was privileged to ask questions that would get them talking about their hearts for the DR. I got to see how we can support those on the front lines better, how we can love this country more effectively, and how to be humble when my ideas don't line up with what I see or hear. God showed me when I needed to practice humility... and when I needed to practice A LOT more humility (not my strong suit).

Now as we are back in Florida, I am excited to take this trip, and work with all the hearts involved to become truly useful to the Dominican people, to Pastor Jose, to the worldwide church. How can we be missional so that it makes disciples? So that local people are empowered? So that we take a back seat to the Dominican people loving on their own? So that we can help without hurting? I have some ideas, but what really matters are the Dominican's ideas. I can't wait to be part of the missions conversation at College Road. As a family we move forward!

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