Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Airport Photo Update

Since my last photo update about our Amazon trip, some things of note have happened... And what better to occupy me for two hours in the airport than writing a blog update? First update on the iPad... We will see if I can finish this or if I get frustrated. :)

From the Orlando airport.... An update on FRIENDS.

Mincaye and Ompodae came from the jungle to visit Steve and I-TEC... So what better than a sushi party at my house? Yeah, that's an Amazonian warrior on my recliner... Haha such a strange experience! But turns out Ompodae loves sushi :)

I've been so blessed by these people this year... You know you are great friends when you will go see live mermaids together and be excited about it!
Or when you will go to a birding class at the local library... It was awesome :)

Other friends are now part of my Florida family... All the way from good ole Cali! Having the Meyers close is such a blessing!!

Heather and I decided to win the "friends of the year award" and eat Troy's food in the hospital... The BBQ he had later was way better.

Here is our I-TEC team. So many wonderful people!

And my happy place... My church. These kids make me so happy and I love teaching two of them every week in church. Their parents (our pastor and his wife) are just as amazing. Then there is the rest of my church family... I will miss them this holiday season!

But I have this incredibly adorable little guy to cuddle... So maybe I won't miss Florida too much... Tomorrow I get to meet him!!!!!!!! First nephew for the win!

The whole point of this post is that there are things to be missed in Florida. Last year I had no desire to return after Christmas, because I hadn't felt like I had left anything behind. Now I have left A LOT behind and I feel so blessed. To think that I get to come back to so many wonderful people is overwhelming. Praise God for fellowship, friendship, and kindred spirits. :) See you in 6 hours California!!!

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