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Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Very Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!
From: The Johnsons
It bodes well for a new year when the first day is purely magical. And being woken up in the morning to inches of sticky, perfect snow in Temecula Valley (not a mountain) was about as magical as it gets.

Two snowmen, a million snowballs, and two wet outfits later I was still glued to the window hoping it wouldn't melt. Even when day four hit and we only had a snowman the size of a leaf left in the yard, I wasn't ready for it to leave. It was a God-sized blessing to kick off the new year. =)

If you live where there is snow that has to be shoveled, I apologize for these next few moments while I gush about the wonderful nature of frozen water. You hate it. As a Southern Californian who has the choice to either visit snow or stay where it is warm, I love it. Even when we got stuck in it and had to hike down the mountain with wet feet.

Our First Day of Snow:

The barn had a facelift with a white top. Can you see the snowflakes still falling?
I took pictures of everything. Even the fence.
This is our street? WHAT???
I made tracks for my mom to get to the top of the driveway in her slippers through INCHES of snow!!!
Poly dog loved it. Our older girl, Kody, did not.
Our snowmen... Kimberly took her time and it looked WAY better than ours. =)
These pajamas were soaked.

Later in the day we decided to go for a drive... in the truck... up the mountain... with two wheel drive.
We "almost" made it... then had to back up.
And we got stuck. See the truck?
We had to walk down the mountain to get picked up. Success!

Maybe we will see you next year, snow! I hope so! =)

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