Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Best Moments

It seems late to be sharing about a Christmas Break when we are on the cusp of February, with stores decked out in the red and pink of Valentine's Day... but oh well, I like talking about things and people I love...

So, an update from Christmas Break... three and half weeks of wonderful coffee dates and deep conversations. Catching up with family, and bonding more with friends... and FALLING IN LOVE with one little man in particular. So here we go!

First Stop... Del Taco with dad right off the plane. Perfection.

Second Stop... SLO with my sister and grandparents. 
This included a few old traditions and some new ones.

Third Stop... THE BEST STOP!!!! This is my new man, Kenneth the Fourth. And I love him, and his toes, and his nose, and his fuzzy head, and his little noises... and well, just about everything. Hooray for Nephews! (Especially for nephews that take selfies with me.)

Fourth Stop... Christmas with the family. Which included hiking everyday, a trip to the Wild Animal Park, and some other random adventures.

Fifth Stop... friends. I never seem to get enough pictures of people, but, there are a few!

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